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January 2017 Principal's Book of the Month

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January, 2017


Dear Students, Parents, and Staff of Sonoraville Elementary,


This month, we will read another book from the 2016-17 Georgia Children’s Picture Book Award Finalists. This book relates to the character word for January which is teamwork.

All the chickens in the flock which includes P. Zonka wonder what in the word P. Zonka is doing rather than helping with the egg production. Each of the chickens is proud of his or her contribution and maybe a little smug as P. Zonka wanders around the farmyard in a seemingly aimless fashion. This book, P. Zonka Lays an Egg, by Julie Paschkis is a great example about appreciating the contributions of each person on a team for their special talents rather than expecting everyone to be alike.


As we learn from our experiences along the way, each person has a unique perspective and way to make a contribution and together we are much stronger and better than we are individually.


This is another great story with an important lesson for us all.







Eppie Snider