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Students will access Office 365 from the GCBE home page. (

 Students will access Office 365 by entering their user name "first name middle initial last name" and their password is "GCS" and their student id number (lunch number). Please see the example below for the format of the user name and password. Students have been using this format to login to Study Island this year so most students in grades 3 - 5 should be used to it.

 Example: User Name: johnksmith Password: GCS12345

Office 365 - Student Email Info - 3rd-5th grades

Office 365, Google Apps and E-mail Access for Students

All students at SES in 3rd – 5th Grades have been issued student accounts for Office 365. Students in Kindergarten through 2nd grades will be added in the upcoming months.

 *Note: If you signed the Parent Permission for Office 365 and Google Apps for Education Accounts and requested the "No Access Option", then your child will not have access to Office 365 at school or at home.

*Note: Students will also have access to Google Apps as well as e-mail. Students will only be allowed to send to or accounts.

Google Apps: The format for a student e-mail address is as follows:

 If you have any questions, please e-mail Mrs. Mitchell (SES Media Specialist) at

Access Study Island from home by going to Clever and logging in (choose student) and use the same username and password used at school. It is not case sensitive. 


Note:  If you are interested in receiving your child's overdue notices via e-mail, please contact Mrs. Mitchell at with the e-mail address that you would like to use.  K5-1st will receive reminders each week as needed. 




Student Access Link for SRI

Student Access for DAZE



Student Access for Read Naturally Live